Representing the Paralegals of Pennsylvania


Date of CLE
Subject matter
Subs CLE
Ethics CLE
11/13/17MCPAMontgomery County Recorder of Deeds Ins and Outs1
10/26/17MCPADon't Give up Five Minutes Before the Miracle1
10/05/17LEHIGHNavigating the Title 15 Overhaul1
09/22/17LAPAIntersection of Civil Law and Forensic Accounting1.25
09/22/17LAPAOddities of Elder Law1.25
09/22/17LAPACollaborative Law Explained1.25
09/22/17LAPAWoof Woof Meow Meow - Please stop Abuse Now1.25
09/22/17LAPADon't Give up Five Minutes Before the Miracle1.25
09/20/17PPARevised Univorm Law on Notorial Acts (RULONA)1
09/19/17MCPAUsing Social Media for Winning Outcomes1
09/17/17LEHIGHEthics for Paralegals - UPL, Confidentiality and More2
08/16/17PPAHIPAA compliance with electronic transmission and storage1
06/29/17CCPAAwareness of Practical Threats to Confidentiality1
06/21/17PPAElectronic Data Sources and How to Apply them to Investigations1
06/13/17CPPAHealthcare Law1
06/13/17MCPAMontgomery County Civil Procedure1
05/30/17LEHIGHWhat's New on Westlaw1
05/22/17MCPAEntity Identity0.50.5
05/17/17PPADigital Workflow from Intake to Courtroom1
05/09/17CPPAThe Military Justice System1
05/02/17PPASpr Conf - UCCJEA Understanding International Custody Law1.5
05/02/17PPASpr Conf - Title Insurance: The Basics1.5
05/02/17PPASpr Conf - The Safety and Liability of Amusement Parks1.5
05/02/17PPASpr Conf - the Most Common Ethical Pitfals and how to Avoid them and Criminal Case Expungements and the New PA Record Sealing Law1.5
05/02/17PPAEthical Issues in Collecting Counsel Fees1
04/27/17CCPAFamily Court Practice - Avoiding the Pitfalls of the Dreaded Remand Order1
04/22/17PPAThe Future of Artificial Intelligence and the Law1
04/19/17MCPAPersonal Injury - Writing and Effective Demand Letter1.5
04/19/17PPAVA Disability Compensation1
04/13/17LEHIGHImportant New Developments in Personal Injury Law1
04/07/17LAPA8th Crim Conf - Polygraphs If Truth be Told You Won't Need Them1
04/07/17LAPA8th Crim Conf - Digital Evidence and Evidence and Ethics behind Computer Security1
04/07/17LAPA8th Crim Conf - Good Boys Who Catch Bad Guys: K-9 Searches, Explosives and Contraband Detection1.5
04/07/17LAPA8th Crim Conf - Social Media and Trial Advocacy1
04/07/17LAPA8th Crim Conf - Death Griip - The dismantling and prosecutionof the Young Hitmen Gang's 10 year reign of terror in the BVHD2
03/28/17LEHIGHPa.C.P. Program - Qualifications, Applications, Maintenance1
03/18/17MCPAOur Family Wizard Program10.5
03/15/17PPAThe Journey Through Senior Care1
03/13/17CPPAPardons Expungements and Limited Access1
02/21/17MCPACyber Crime10.5
02/15/17PPACumulative Trama: Logic vs Lunacy and Medicolegal Junction1
01/10/17CPPAThe Future of the Paralegal Profession1
11/17/16Capitol CopyVideo Evidence and Electronic Data1.25
11/17/16CCPAThe Best of Appellate Practice in PA Courts
11/16/16LAPAAnatomy of a Criminal Case in Lancaster1
11/14/16MCPAMedical Marijuana Act & Legal Professional's Role Moving Forward1.5
11/08/16CPPA"Just Another Day in the Office - Roller Coasters, Rock Stars, Reindeer and the World of Entertainment Law"1
10/20/16MCPACollaborative Practice: A Better Way to Approach Conflict Resolution (originally sched 10/20/16)1.250.25
10/14/16PPAParalegals and Their Value in Commercial Litigation1
10/09/16ACC Greater Philadelphiatop 10 Background Screen Trends Employers Need to Know1
10/09/16ACC Greater PhiladelphiaEvolving Compliance, Ethics & Corporate Governance Career1
10/09/16ACC Greater PhiladelphiaCybersecurity 1011
10/09/16ACC Greater PhiladelphiaMaking Sure Your Company Contracts Work for You1
10/06/16PPAFall Conf - Giving Back to the Community - The Importance of Pro Bono Work1
10/06/16PPAFall Conf - Environmental Law - Superfunding and other State Agencies to Rescue Our Contaminated World1.5
10/06/16PPAFall Conf - Commercial Law - Bid Investigation and Bid Protests for Public Construction1.5
10/06/16PPAFall Conf - Ediscovery Essentials: Bid Data and the Use of Technology Assisted Review1.5
10/06/16PPAFall Conf - You thought Getting Married was the Hard Part?: Navigating the Path of Same-Sex Benefits1.5
09/30/16PAPDocument Production in Employment Discrimination Claims1
09/30/16PAPEstates & Trusts -- Digital Assets1
09/30/16PAPPennsylvania's Medical Cannibis Act1
09/30/16PAPTechnology and the Constitution1
09/30/16PAPCorporate Governance, the ABCs of it all1
09/30/16PAPEstates: Who gets what and who's in charge1
09/30/16PAPLegal writing: Why Lawyers make the worst writers1
09/30/16PAPLitigation: A Paralegal's Role in Domestic Violence1
09/30/16PAPImmigration: Hot Topics in Immigration Law1
09/30/16PAPIP: Patent Priority Dates, Requirements & Pitfalls in US and Foreign Prosecution1
09/30/16PAPLitigation: why paralegals are Important to Economic Experts1
09/30/16PAPLitigation: The Human Factors of Drones - Insight into the Future1
09/30/16PAPEthics: Conduct, Obligations and Resources1
09/30/16PAPIP: Naked Licenses, Assignments in Gross & Other Related Transactional Issues1
09/30/16PAPLitigtion: Pennsylvania's Right to Know Law1
09/30/16PAPJuvenile Life without Parole Cases 1
09/28/16Capitol CopyVideo Evidence and Electronic Data1.25
09/20/16MCPAParalegal Regulation and the Limited Legal License Tech1.5
09/20/16PPALegalization of Marijuana1
09/16/16LAPACASA - 10 Years from Idea to Successful Program1.25
09/16/16LAPAGoing Social (without going postal): Practical Tips for Using Social Media in Court1
09/16/16LAPANew PA Supreme Court Orphans' Court Rules1
09/16/16LAPAUnderstanding a Citizen's Rights in Our Democracy2
09/16/16LAPATop 10 Do's and Don'ts to Avoid Ethical Dilemmas1.25
09/15/16CCPAThe best of Estate Administration in Pennsylvania1
09/15/16CPPAElder Law1.25
09/15/16CPPACrime Victim Litigation1.25
09/15/16CPPAMedical Marijuana Act1.25
09/15/16CPPAAdvanced Ethics1.5
09/15/16CPPAPA Human Relations Commission1.25
09/13/16CPPABackground Checks1
08/17/16PPAGuns & Estates1
07/30/16PPAWhat an Investigator can do for an Attorney1
06/30/16PPASpinal Disorders -- Diseases vs Injuries1
06/15/16CPPASpinal Disorders: Diseases vs Injuries1
05/26/16CCPAThe Power of Social Media and Surveillance1
05/18/16LAPAHelping Clients at the Intersection of Law and Medicine1
05/18/16PPAAuthority to Sign1
05/07/16Keystone Alliance2016 ED Summit- Leveraging Information Governance to Reduce Discovery Demands1
05/07/16Keystone Alliance2016 ED Summit- FRCP Amendments are here1
05/07/16Keystone Alliance2016 ED Summit- eDiscovery and Health Care Law1
05/07/16Keystone Alliance2016 ED Summit- Ethical Concern -- Conducting Research via "Open Web"1
05/07/16Keystone Alliance2016 ED Summit- Technology Essentials for the 21st Century Law Office1
05/07/16Keystone Alliance2016 ED Summit- Social Media: An Ethical Perspective1
05/07/16Keystone Alliance2016 ED Summit- eDiscovery: Embracing Technology and Understanding the Process Behind Modern Discovery Practices1
05/07/16Keystone Alliance2016 ED Summit- "Get Smart" -- Technology Issues in Family Law1
05/07/16Keystone AllianceThe Debths of Advance Trial Technology1
05/07/16Keystone Alliance2016 ED Summit- Mock Interviews (optional session for students and job seekers)00
05/04/16CPPAConcealed Carry - Traveling with firearms1
05/03/16PPAWho's File is It Anyway? Best Practices for File Storage and Record Keeping1
05/03/16PPASuperfunding and Other State Agencies to Rescue Our Contaminated World1.5
05/03/16PPALittle Sister Siri is Watching You - Computer Forensics and Social Media1.5
05/03/16PPABankruptcy Forms and the Paralegal's Role in Bankruptcy Proceedings1.5
05/03/16PPAHot Topics in Employment Law1.5
05/03/16PPAEthics - Whose File Is It Anyway1
04/28/16CCPABasics of Maritime Law1
04/28/16MCPAExpungement of Criminal Records1.5
04/12/16CPPAStd Field Sobriety Tests - What everyone wants to know1
04/08/16LAPAPrisoner Re-Entry Collateral Consequences & the trap of the system1
04/08/16LAPAEthical Limits of Trial Advocacy1
04/08/16LAPAForensic Fails1.5
04/08/16LAPA15 to Life: Kenneth's Story1.5
04/08/16LAPAProsecuting Pure Evil: the Federsal Case of Mass Murder Kaboni Savage1.5
03/24/16CCPAReal Estate Case Law Update1
03/19/16MCPAPennsylvania's Right to Know Law1.5
03/16/16LAPAThe Constituion -- a living documment1
03/16/16PPABYOD - Bring your own Device Issues and Laws relating to using your Personal Device for Business1
03/08/16CPPAFederal Rules of Civil Procedure Update FRCP1
02/17/16PPARevenge Porn1
02/16/16DCPAJury Persuasion:How Jurors Form Decisions1
02/11/16MCPAElder Law1.5
01/20/16LAPABasics of Social Security Disability (pacle approved)1
01/12/16CPPADigital Evidence & E-Discovery for the Paralegal1
11/18/15LAPACollaboration for Successful Prisoner Re-entry: What Works/Being Done in PA1
11/18/15PPABankruptcy Basics for Paralegals1
11/12/15MCPABreakdown of a Criminal Case1.5
11/12/15YCPAMedicaid Planning for Long Term Care1
11/10/15CPPAParalegal Ethics and Professionalism1
10/27/15MCPAMediation as a Dispute Resolution Process1.5
10/23/15PAP2014 Edu Conf-Session I - Corporate Compliance and Ethics1.25
10/23/15PAP2015 Edu Conf-Session I - Employment Law - What Paralegals need to know1.25
10/23/15PAP2016 Edu Conf-Session I - Construction Litigation (PI)1.25
10/23/15PAP2017 Edu Conf-Session I - Litigation - Life Care plans - obtaining an expert1.25
10/23/15PAP2018 Edu Conf-Session II - Animal Law1.25
10/23/15PAP2019 Edu Conf-Session II - Estates & Trusts - Understanding Oil, Gas and Mineral Rights in an Estate1.25
10/23/15PAP2020 Edu Conf-Session II - Intellectual Property - Trademark-Who We Are and What We Do1.25
10/23/15PAP2021 Edu Conf-Session II - Technology - Data Security and Privacy in Legal Practice1.25
10/23/15PAP2023 Edu Conf-Session III - Estates & Trusts -- Small and Insolvent Estate Administration1.25
10/23/15PAP2024 Edu Conf-Session III - Ethics - Everyday Ethics for the Paralegal1.25
10/23/15PAP2025 Edu Conf-Session III - Intellectual Property - Patent Application Data Sheets, Changes under America Invents Act and Patent Law Treaty1.25
10/23/15PAP2026 Edu Conf-Session III - Litigation - Legal Writing in a world of emails, testing, power points and professional blogs1.25
10/23/15PAP2028 Edu Conf-Session IV - Bankruptcy - Student Loans - Treatment in Bankruptcy and Administrative Remedies1.25
10/23/15PAP2029 Edu Conf-Session IV - Healthcare Law - HIPAA Privacy and Cybersecurity: the New Risk Frontier1.25
10/23/15PAP2030 Edu Conf-Session IV - Professional Development - Soft Skills for Paralegals1.25
10/23/15PAP2031 Edu Conf-Session IV - Real Estate -- Guarantees and Non-Recourse Language in Commercial Loans1.25
10/23/15PAP2032 Edu Conf-Session IV -
10/13/15PPAScams Targeting Business1
10/13/15PPAHow a CDFA Can Help Avoid the Financial Pitfalls During and After the Divorce Process1.5
10/13/15PPAAlternatives to Opioid Medications for Pain0
10/13/15PPADrones: Our Safety, Security and Invasion of Privacy1.5
10/13/15PPAPreparing for Trial and Courtroom Technology1.5
09/22/15Capitol CopyThe Depths of Advance Trial Technology1
09/18/15LAPACiv Conf: Veternans' Treatment Court1.25
09/18/15LAPAImmigrants in the Legal System1
09/18/15LAPAIgnored Facts Do Not Cease to Exist: Understanding Metadata1
09/18/15LAPAFirearms Law Analysis2
09/18/15LAPAOil and Pipeline Issues in PA1.25
09/16/15MCPAHIPAA Compliance with Technology1.5
09/16/15PPABest Practices when Scheduling a Court Reporter1
09/08/15CCPADealing with the Elder Law Attorney Part 2 - Veterans Benefits1
09/08/15CPPAJustified Use of Deadly Force1
07/23/15Capitol CopyThe Depths of Advance Trial Technology1
07/14/15Capitol CopyThe Depths of Advance Trial Technology1
07/14/15CCPADealing with the Elder Law Attorney 1
06/25/15YCPAEthical Dealings with Non-Clients1
06/23/15MCPACopyright Issues in the Music Industry1
06/17/15PPABasics of Child Custody & Child Support Law in PA1
06/11/15Capitol CopyThe Depths of Advance Trial Technology1
06/09/15CPPAMilitary Defense Law - Defending Those Who Defend Us1
05/20/15LAPAChildren Protective Services Update1
05/20/15PPAPreliminary Injunctions: from Complaint to Trial in Sixty Days1
05/19/15DCPAParalegal Credentialing0.5
05/12/15CPPAToday's Deposition: Unsing the Right Tools the Right Ways1
05/12/15MCPAIdentity Theft1.5
05/12/15PPALitigators and Court Reporters -- Where Our Ethics Intersect1.5
05/12/15PPALegal Writing1.5
05/12/15PPACase Workflow Reboot: How can a change in your case workflow process make your firm more efficient and valuable1.5
04/30/15MCPAPersonal Injury, Criminal Law, Litigation Procedural Issues and Ethics10.5
04/16/15YCPAStudent Loan Basics1
04/15/15CPPAPolice Liability Matters, Race Discrimination and Impact on Juries/Jury Selection1
04/11/15NFPA Region 4Overview PA Domestic Law; Child Dependency Law1.50.5
04/10/15LAPACrim Conf: The Active Shooter1
04/10/15LAPACrim Conf: Cell Data and Surv. Video in Crim Investigations1
04/10/15LAPACrim Conf: Ethical Considerations in Closing Arguments1.5
04/10/15LAPACrim Conf: Complex motor vehicle stops and searches1.5
04/10/15LAPACrim Conf: Mexican Cartel Drug Trafficking1.5
03/21/15Capitol CopyThe Depths of Advance Trial Technology1
03/18/15Capitol CopyThe Depths of Advance Trial Technology1
03/18/15PPAThe Things We do for Love -- and Shouldn't -- Legally Speaking1
03/11/15PPAClient Communications and Confidentiality in a Social Media Age1
03/07/15MCPASavvy Social Security Planning1.5
03/04/15CPPACollaborative Law and the Family Law Client1
02/19/15MCPAMontgomery County Master in Discovery Program1.5
02/19/15YCPANew Power of Attorney Law1
02/18/15LAPAEmployment Law1
02/18/15PPAThe ABCs of PFAs -- Protection from Abuse Orders1
01/21/15LAPAJudgment and the Execution Process1
01/13/15CPPAAlcohol, Craft Breweries & Liquor Licensing in Pennsylvania1
11/19/14PPAUnique Procedures of the Court of Common Please of Allegheny County - Orphans Court1
11/13/14MCPARegulation/Certification (of paralegals)1.5
11/12/14PAPClaiming Options for Social Security Retirement Benefits1
11/11/14CPPAThe law of the secession of the states in the US1
10/02/14PPAIntellectual Property - Copyrights1
10/02/14PPAIME - Concussion - Diagnosis and Management1
10/02/14PPANew PA Legislation on Sexual Assault Laws1.5
09/19/14LAPAFall Half Day Conference (Ethics, New PofA law) 2.51.25
09/12/14PAPAnimal Law: Is the Law Going to the Dogs?1.5
09/12/14PAPImmigration: The Ethics of it All - Hot Topics in Immigration Law1.5
09/12/14PAPLitigation: Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance1.5
09/12/14PAPTechnology: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): It's Here…Deal With It1.5
09/12/14PAPCorporate: The Anatomy of a Standard Contract1.5
09/12/14PAPEstates&Trusts: Special Needs Trusts/Planning & Operation1.5
09/12/14PAPIntellectual Property: Recent Intellectual Property Cases1.5
09/12/14PAPLegal Writing: Clear, Concise Writing in the Law Office1.5
09/12/14PAPEstates&Trusts: Fiduciary Litigation1.5
09/12/14PAPIntellectual Property: Patent Monetization1.5
09/12/14PAPLitigation: Time Management -- Making the Most of Your Time1.5
09/12/14PAPReal Estate: Hot Topics in Land Use1.5
09/12/14PAPEthics: The Three R's of Ethics1.5
09/12/14PAPLitigation: Working Up Today's Medical Malpractice Cases1.5
09/12/14PAPProfessional Development: Panel Discussion - Paralegal Survival Guide1.5
09/12/14PAPReal Estate: Recent Amendments to Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code1.5
08/25/14Duquesne Univthe Paralegal's Guide to Ethical Issues Related to Social Media Use and Advertising1
08/20/14PPAWhitewood v. Wolf: Same Sex Marriage in Pennsylvania1
07/25/14Duquesne UnivEthical Issues and Responsibilities in Billing for Paralegals1
07/16/14PPAEstate planning and Administration 1
07/15/14Cannon Financial Institute2014 Estate Planning Teleconference Series1.5
06/24/14MCPADiscovery Issues & Use of Surveillance Evidence1
06/19/14CCPAHomicide Cases1
06/18/14PPAEverything you wanted to know about appeals but were afraid to Ask1
06/12/14YCPAUnlicensed Practice of Law and Its Application to Paralegals1
06/10/14CPPAMoney Talks: Using Negotiation Positions to Communicate1
05/22/14MCPAUnauthorized Practice of Law1
05/22/14YCPAEssentials of Independent Contractor Use1
05/21/14LAPAIntroduction to the New Case Management System1
05/21/14PPAProtecting Medicare's Interest in Workers Comp/Liability Settlements1
05/21/14YCPAProfessional Liability and Ethics in Trusts and Estates1.5
05/17/14PPAThe Importance of Conflicts1
05/16/14PPADocket Diving1.5
05/15/14PPAHuman Trafficking in Pittsburg0.5
05/15/14PPAEmployee from Hell1.5
05/15/14PPAWebsites for Paralegal Research1.5
05/13/14CPPACriminal Law1
05/11/14Keystone AllianceProtection from Abuse cases1
05/10/14Keystone AllianceStatus of the Paralegal - National perspective1
05/09/14CCPAStatus of the Paralegal1
05/09/14Keystone AllianceTime Management - Law Office1
05/08/14Keystone AlliancePennsylvania Medical Assistance for Long Term Care1
05/07/14Keystone AllianceFamily Law Update1
05/06/14Keystone AllianceCloud Computing - Legal perspective1
05/05/14Keystone AllianceHot Topics in Ethics1
05/04/14Keystone AllianceImproving Legal Writing1
05/03/14Keystone Alliance2014 Keystone Alliance Educational Summit
05/01/14PPALaw Day -- Every Vote Matters1
04/29/14PPAIntroduction to Intellectual Property1
04/23/14MCPAIdentifying and Obtaining School District Records1
04/16/14PPALexisNexis -- Researching Expert Witnesses1
04/11/14LAPA5TH Criminal Law & Forensics Conference61
04/11/14LAPACriminal Seminar61
04/08/14CPPABanking (electronic signatures - phishing - changing legal landscape)1
03/19/14LAPABankruptcy 1011
03/19/14PPAFamily Law Litigation in Allegheney County1
03/15/14MCPAReal Estate - Stigmatization of property1.5
03/05/14CPPASocial Media in the Workplace1
02/19/14LAPAEstate planning for non-traditional families1
02/19/14PPAPost-Sandusky -- CASA Welcomes Child Abuse Reform1
02/11/14MCPAFamily Law Overview1.5
01/23/14YCPACivil Motions Practice in York County PA1
01/15/14LAPAProtecting Myself, My Loved Ones & My Property1
01/14/14CPPATrademark and Copyright Basics1
01/01/14PBIParalegal Institute - West
11/12/13YCPAReal Estate Issues in Estates1

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