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Lehigh County Paralegal Association
1114 W. Walnut Street
Allentown, PA 18102


The Lehigh County Paralegal Association (“LCPA”) was officially formed in 2009, adopting its formal bylaws in February 2011.  The LCPA is overseen by a Steering Committee that meets quarterly, or more frequently as needed, to discuss and plan educational programs as well as networking and community outreach activities.  The LCPA endeavors to conduct a minimum of four Lunch and Learn presentations per year.  Since 2012, more than 100 guests annually join the LCPA in celebration of Paralegal Week by attending its Annual Luncheon.  The Annual Luncheons have featured prominent Keynote Speakers from Commonwealth Court Judges to nationally known forensic experts, crime writers and a former KBG spy.  The LCPA Steering Committee is comprised of nine paralegals representing various Lehigh Valley firms, corporations and educational institutions and four of the original Steering Committee members continue to serve.  The LCPA also has an Attorney member who serves as an advisor to the Steering Committee.  Presently the LCPA boasts a membership of nearly 70 paralegals from both Lehigh and Northampton counties, all of whom enjoy affiliate membership in the Bar Association of Lehigh County.

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