Representing the Paralegals of Pennsylvania

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Pittsburgh Paralegal Association
P.O. Box 704
Pittsburgh, PA 15230


PPA was formed in 1977 with the goals of promoting the professional development and continuing education of paralegals. Since then, PPA has averaged over 151 members each year and has developed a strong communication network of paralegals within the Western Pennsylvania region. PPA has established a solid relationship with the Allegheny County Bar Association and each of PPA’s voting members has the right to join the ACBA as an affiliate member. PPA also maintains a national presence through its affiliation with NFPA. PPA provides many educational opportunities, including: monthly general meetings, specialty section meetings, and full or half-day seminars. PPA encourages student involvement and annually awards a scholarship to a student from one of the areas paralegal training programs. PPA, through its many and varied committees, provides many opportunities for paralegals to volunteer their paralegal skills to community projects, expand their legal knowledge, network among peers, and participate in the development of the paralegal profession.

Keystone Alliance of Paralegal Associations • Post Office Box 344, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15230